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Knights Inn



1215 S Main St, Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 836-7100

Knights Inn of Greensburg charges a $10.00 fee for pets, demands cash money, and refuses to supply a receipt for.  An individual, while staying at the hotel, went to get cash for the $10.00 pet fee and came back to find two hotel workers in his room, his animal's vomit on the floor and his pet terrified.

The two hotel workers told the pet owner that he owed them money..

Pet owner said "When I went into the room I discovered that my female pet Roxy was attempting to run through the wall in efforts to get away, when I picked her up she was paralyzed with fear, and I was so scared that I had to take her to the vet because in my personal opinion they were abusing my animal over the money that they said I owed."

The pet owner went to the front desk where the lady demanded that he owed her $10.00 for the pet fee.  The pet owner paid the demanded fee and the person at the front desk refused to supply him with a receipt.  The pet owner felt it necessary to call the police for his pets safety.  

Someone probably needs to call the IRS for the $10.00 cash only pet fees that they are charging and refusing to supply receipts for.  

IN ADDITION, THE ROOM WAS COVERED IN BLACK MOLD, which we have the of photo here on Voice.Gold  Location and time verified by Voice.Gold.

The police were called and did in fact respond.  

When Voice.Gold called the Knights Inn of Greensburg to inform them that Voice.Gold was running a story on the event they hung up.  

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