Farmers Insurance Group Pays Partial Loss for Totaled Home.  

A tree falls through a Greensburg Pennsylvania resident's home.  The tree fell through the roof and crushed the walls of the home.  The damages exceeded the cost of the home and or what it would cost to rebuild.  Farmers Insurance Group refused to honor a total loss claim. 

Farmers Insurance Group will only honor a total loss claim if the damaged structure repairs equals or exceeds total loss coverage of their policy.   So what't the problem with Farmers not paying a total loss claim here?

FACT, Farmers accepted premiums for a policy that they would not have to honor as per their total loss claims clause, which defines what a total loss is and when Farmers will honor a total loss claim.   

FACT, Farmers refused to honor a total loss claim for a home that was totaled. 

FACT, the home owner could not rebuild in the time and money issued by Farmers insurance company and lost his home that was paid for.

FACT, Farmers gave the homeowner a check for approximately 5% for part of the policey's loss coverages.   

Even having an attorney seek Farmers Insurance to honor their policy for a total loss has not made them do it.  Farmers would not and has not honored a total loss claim because the repairs did not equal or exceed the total loss of the insurance policy, which was ungodly higher than the home's value.


The policy and what Farmers paid the home owner was verified by Voice.Gold.  Farmers Insurance Group has not honored a total loss claim. This actually happened.   

(Note, when Voice.Gold notified Farmers that Voice.Gold is doing a story regarding this claim, they simply hung up the phone)

(Note, when the individual called Farmers and informed them that Voice.Gold is making this a public issue Farmers is now revisiting the claim! They need to do right by their policy, we'll keep you posted.)

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